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Michelle and I have been gearing up. As we have been moving back and forth from our motorhome to our motorcycles back to the motorhome since May of 2020, we have learned a lot about what we need and what we don’t. I believe my years of ultralight hiking as well as already being a little bit of a gear geek has helped us a lot. For example, I know ounces turn into pounds very quickly. If you’re not careful, you will overload your pack. The same goes for overloading motorcycle.

As we move forward and spend more time on motorcycles, we have decided to make some important changes. In the past, Michelle’s Kawasaki Vulcan S wasn’t equipped to carry anything. Therefore, I was carrying all the gear for two riders on the Harley Ultra Classic. As I stated earlier, luckily I am an ultralight hiker so our gear was 90% ultralight.

However, now we will be setting the Vulcan S to carry gear, which will allow us to travel longer. We have ordered a backrest and Sissybar bag for Michelle’s bike. I have ordered a tour pack bag for the Harley. We now have a bigger tent and have ordered smaller and lighter camp chairs. Although we have been using my little alcohol stove to cook on, we are going to be using the MSR Rocket. The alcohol stove is small and light so we will keep it for backup.

I’m very happy with the strides we’ve made. We came out of a fully furnished two-story house with a full garage, down to a 2004 35′ motorhome and down to living part-time on our motorcycles. We have learned, the more we get rid of, the less we have, the more free we have become.

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