Welcome to our Nomads & Vagabonds website. In 2019 we decided to downsize from our two-story house to our motorhome and motorcycles. In May of 2020, it became a reality. We aren't the only ones, far from it. There are many people who love to live the nomad and vagabond life. This is where we will be posting blogs and videos of nomads and vagabonds we meet along the way along with trips as we go motorcycling, hiking, camping, and our new RV Life. Be sure to Subscribe to us on Rumble, and Like Us On Facebook. This website is dedicated to Nomads and Vagabonds. Two wheels, four wheels, or six wheels it's all good. Motorcycle, RV, Van Life, or a Skoolie, we don't care. As long as you are on the move and having fun in life.


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